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Everyone loves a compliment! Here are just a few that McNeill Designs has received recently…

“This game was rated very good or excellent from all of the kids and adults who played it.  That was indeed a big ‘thumbs up.” — Editors at, April 2011

“This game is great not just for children, but also for those wishing to practice thinking on their feet and keeping their brains sharp.” —The Parry Game Preserve, April 2011

““This game really tests one’s ability to make sentences! How creative can you be? Can you find a way to use one or two 20 point words in your sentence, or to create the longest sentence for that round? The sentences are often hilarious, but they count as long as they are complete sentences!” —The Homeschooling Club, March 2011

“Still a relatively new game, I think it has the potential to become a classic. If Scrabble can do it, why not You’ve been Sentenced!? ”– Connect with Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, March 2011

“I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new group game…” —Gluten Free Adventures, January 2011

“This game is so fun! We had so much fun playing You’ve Been Sentenced!” —My Life with Rats, January 2011

“Jon and I played Twisted Fish the night we got it. We LOVED this game…” —Mommy of One and Counting, January 2011

“Michael and I played this game together and we laughed so hard at a few of the sentences we came up with.  Sometimes, we laughed even harder at the arguments presented in defense of these crazy sentences… This Christmas, I can’t wait to gather everyone around the table and see what new memories will be made from playing You’ve Been Sentenced!” —Mommy Living the Life of Riley, December 2010

“… a lot of fun to play!  Michael and I both thought that this game was a refreshing update to an old classic and one that adults and even older children would enjoy playing again for the first time.” —Mommy Living the Life of Riley, December 2010

“This game was fun!  It’s recommended for ages 8 and up and 3-10 players.  The first time we played was with my husband and his parents and we had a great time!  The types of crazy sentences you create are hysterical.  It is a very unique, thought-provoking, yet laid back type of game.  I look forward to many more laughter filled evenings playing it!” —Embracing Beauty, December 2010

“… I am so excited to tell you about the newest game we received called “Twisted Fish.” My kids are really loving this game. You know the old “Go Fish” game, right? Well, here’s the newest version with an engaging twist. In fact, since you probably already know how to play Go Fish, you’ll learn Twisted Fish in only a moment or two. Get ready for hilarious memory-building fun!”–Simply Abundant Living, December 2010

“The fun thing with these add-on decks is that while the meaning of the word on the card may be one thing, you can change it into something totally different. For example, in the gourmet cooking one card has American, Swiss, Provolone, etc. for different types of cheese. I was dealt this card, and used it for an American president…instead of American cheese! You’ve Been Sentenced was a barrel of fun before, but adding these other decks adds a whole new layer of fun to the game!” —Hope’s Café, November 2010

“We really had a great time playing You’ve been Sentenced! It’s fast paced so it kept the kids interested and it actually teaches them something which I love. Too many games are simply entertaining and I really appreciate it when companies combine entertainment with education especially when the kids don’t notice they’re actually learning.  You’ve been sentenced encourages kids to make sentences which encourages them to understand the words they’re using and the parts of speech they’re linking together. My son takes it as a personal challenge to make the most complex sentence he can and really enjoys beating me when it happens.” —Confessions of an Overworked Mom, November 2010

“This is the kind of game that one can really get into and get seriously addicted to. It is refreshing in that you have to use your brain, but, at the same time you can get giggling.” —Country Mouse, City Mouse, October 2010

“…540 cards with over 2,500 words insure billions of possible sentences so the game is never repetitive and has unlimited re-play value.” —My Little House of Treasures, October 2010

“This game combines several key aspects of a successful game, in my opinion. Not only is it exciting and enjoyable, it is educational as well. I love it when my kids can learn while they have fun…” —Simply Abundant Living, October 2010


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