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Charitable Partnership

SWW Spring 2007The innovative partnership between Success Won’t Wait and McNeill Designs began in 2005 when McNeill Designs principles committed themselves to using the company’s success to help support important charitable causes.

Since 2005, McNeill Designs has donated a portion of sales of the language game “You’ve Been Sentenced!” to Success Won’t Wait, a not for profit organization that encourages reading — particularly by children — and provides free books to organizations and programs nationwide.

Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait is a Delaware-based organization that encourages reading by providing materials to those who need them most. Success Won’t Wait volunteers organize book drives by partnering with schools and universities, independent groups and organizations, and a variety of businesses, calling on residents to donate brand new and gently used books for redistribution in the community. To date, dozens of book drives have been held and almost 400,000 books have been collected and redistributed.

2008 Summmer  McNeills delivers books in Weston, WV - compressedBecause the You’ve been Sentenced! word game is inherently an educational game (as well as lots of fun), we wanted to partner with an well established organization that focused on reading and literacy as our beneficiary.

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