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The MamaZone rates the You’ve been Sentenced! word game as one of Mama’s Faves with 5-Mamas designation; Offers you a chance to WIN!!

February 18, 2012

The MamaZone is a mom’s one-stop source for clever ideas to make  life easier, insight and inspiration to keep  going, plus reviews and discoveries of new products. In fact, if a product is really amazing, it receives a Mama’s Faves 5- Mamas button, so we were thrilled when The MamaZone awarded one to the You’ve been Sentenced! word game!

Here’s a little bit about what The MamaZone had to say:

“… We’ve added another unique product to our list of family favorites, and I am certain your family will be jumping on the bandwagon too! This time, we’ve discovered a game that has turned our family game night on its head.

We had an unbelievable time getting familiar with the game and we were not only building sentences as we played together, we were building our little family.

Here’s what we enjoyed:

  • The rules are easy. Although my son is six, he was able to play with a little support.
  • Scoring is easy, thanks to the score sheets included in the box (and on the site as a pdf).
  • Laughter is guaranteed. I’ve never seen my kids work so hard to put words together and it was hilarious watching them try!
  • The game is expandable—there are 6 add-on card decks available.
  • The game is easily extended with the list of other methods of play available on the website.
  • The game can be used in classrooms to teach grammar and sentence structure and there is even a lesson plan on their site.

Of course, we’ve given it 5 mamas: [1] I love it. [2] It’s kid approved. [3] It works just as described.  [4] At $24.95, it’s reasonably priced. [5] It is a very unique game that balances fun and education quite well.”

To read this review in its entirety or to WIN your own set of You’ve been Sentenced! plus six, themed add-on decks, simply visit  The MamaZone.

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds award-winning games like You’ve been Sentenced!Twisted Fish and more? Simply visit McNeill Designs for game rulesprintable score sheets, or even order online!

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In addition to It’s how you play the game! Susan Conforte McNeill is also the co-founder of the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait! and writes for the fashion ezine Susan Said What?!  and holiday blog The Best Christmas Ever! 

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