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Board games make great gifts and great memories; Hudson Valley Parent Magazine suggests You’ve been Sentenced! word game

December 1, 2011

Below is a brief excerpt from a recent article about games and their influence on the family taken from Hudson Valley Parent Magazine. To read the article in its entirety, please visit Hudson Valley Parent Magazine:

“I grew up in a game-playing family.  Every week, my parents and my brothers and I would either play poker (with pennies) or another game that required a board, and I think was called DelMonico — it was always a lot of laughs, and the conversations we had were precious.  Another game that my family played but which I just couldn’t grasp was pinochle, and I’d hear “whoops” and “hollers” from the table as someone yelled, “you tricked me, ” or some other game-playing term, like a “partner” wasn’t holding up their end, whatever.  It was, I can see now, a way for all of us to be together and leave the little annoyances of the day behind.  There was no nagging or scolding on their part, nor whining or back-talk on ours.  We were playing a game, with rules that no one could debate.

This Thanksgiving as we gathered around the family house in Brooklyn, we did it again.  Though our parents are gone now, the games continue….

The next game we tried out was You’ve Been Sentenced!, which came with a timer, so you already can feel the frantic nature the game must come with.  In an egg-timer’s worth of time, players have to put a sentence together from the cards they were dealt. Each card has a circle of words, a variation of the same word, so the card can offer multiple opportunities.  It levels the playing field since I was playing with two teachers, and my sentences made just as much sense as theirs.  I think one of my sentences was something like:  “George Washington sat in the mud and then ran through a sprinkler.”  Now, you know things about George Washington are always true, which was my explanation for such a sentence.  Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that you have to explain to the other players how your sentence makes sense or not, and with a vote of a “thumbs up or thumbs down” players are awarded points.  Additional cards with specific themes like “sports” or “science fiction” can be purchased to keep the game going and going.  It’s a keeper.  It retails for 24.95, with extra cards priced at $7.99. This game is a winner of the Parent-Tested Parent-Approved Seal of Approval for 2011.”

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In addition to It’s how you play the game! Susan McNeill is also the co-founder of the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait! and writes for the fashion ezine Susan Said What?!  and holiday blog The Best Christmas Ever!  

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