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Words top mommy bloggers use to describe the Twisted Fish game? Try “captivating,” “challenging” and “hysterical!”

October 27, 2011

This week is just getting better and better! Twisted Fish has received rave reviews by some of the Blogosphere’s  top mommy bloggers. Read their comments below, and don’t forget — Twisted Fish and all McNeill Designs games are 50% off at McNeill Designs  now through October 31. Simply use coupon code BOO.

“This is my six and four year olds’ favorite game. I have to admit I found it captivating. It’s just like “Go Fish” only it has another suit and instead of asking for a generic card, you must ask specifically for the card you want, “Do you have an Orange Blowfish?”

…One of the features of Twisted Fish that draws the “oh, no you di’n’t” from my family are the “Zinger” cards, these cards allow you to see another players hand, reject the request to hand over your card and more!

There was a lot of laughter…”

Read more at Mommy’s Memorandum

“Another fun game … is Twisted Fish. This is NOT the “Go Fish” you grew up with. This is Go Fish on a whole new, challenging level. You have to have a really good memory to play this game. It took us a bit to get the hang of it but after we finally figured it out we had fun playing it. I LOVE the cards. The fish are so hysterical looking. The game features other sea creatures too so it’s just not a bunch of cards with fish on them. The games also figures a few “Zinger” cards which can totally throw you off.”

Read more at She Scribes  

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In addition to It’s how you play the game! Susan McNeill is also the co-founder of the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait! and writes for Susan Said What?!  and The Best Christmas Ever!  

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