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You’ve been Sentenced! is a “Children’s Favorite Board Game, 2011 Edition” at Board Game Geek

October 11, 2011

Board Game Geek is one of the truly great game sites. No matter what you’re looking for — game reviews, information, forums and more — if it has to do with games, it’s all there! This week, the folks at Board Game Geek published their (somewhat) annual Children’s Favorites list. Here’s what they had to say:

“As we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada, I have much to be grateful for. Among many other things, I’m thankful for my children, and I deeply appreciate the time we can spend together. This past year brought the preciousness of life and health to the foreground for us as my eldest daughter (now 14) developed a brain hemorrhage and suffered a stroke in the summer. After two weeks in the hospital and a lot of therapy, she’s actually doing very well now, and life is almost back to “normal” for us. And I’m grateful that among the various activities we enjoy as a family, playing boardgames continues to be one that the children are still begging for me to indulge in with them…

As before, I asked the oldest five to put together their own individual lists of their top 10 games, with a short blurb about why they like them. None of them referred to their previous lists while making their new ones, and all of the text describing what they like about the games is new. They each went through the list I printed of about four hundred different games that I had played with them at some point or other and noted on paper which they especially enjoyed. Then they painstakingly culled that list down to their absolute top 10 favorites. This year, we used Tom Vasel`s method of ranking games and it proved a lot easier than last time. The kids each wrote the names of the games that they thought might have a shot at their top 10 list on small blank slips of paper. Then they chose a game title written on one of those slipss randomly and compared every other game in their pile to it, putting the ones they liked better in a pile to the right, and the ones they liked less in a pile to the left. They would then pick up each of these piles in turn and continue the process until they had each of these games in a row ordered by their ranking.”

What the kids had to sayabout You’ve been Sentenced! 

#3 on Bethany’s top 10 list:
“I like the creative writing element in this game. The funny sentences that come out of the limited words are really great too.”

#6 on Isaac’s top 10 list:
“I like You’ve Been Sentenced because of the funny sentences you can make.”

To read the list in its entirety, please visit Board Game Geek.

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