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A blizzard + You’ve been Sentenced! word game = Snow Day FUN at the Islesford School

February 7, 2011

Snow days are the best! Remember those long-anticipated days — sipping cocoa after a long afternoon out in the white stuff?

What could possibly make it better? Sharing it with your friends of course! Which is just what the folks at the Islesford School in the Cranberry Islands did during the last blizzard to hit Maine.

And we’re thrilled that they included several rounds of the You’ve been Sentenced! word game in their list of “favorite things to do on a snow day”:

“This morning when we arrived at school, we had a special surprise:  Jessie and the boys from Monhegan were here for a two day visit!  They came on a great day.  Because of the historical blizzard, we saved the afternoon for a “Snow Day.”  The kids had an extended recess to play in the snow.  Then we all came in and sang songs together with the guitar.  After that the students enjoyed partner reading with each other, followed by games like “You’ve Been Sentenced” and “Multifactor.”  It was a great way to celebrate all of the glorious snow!!”

To read more about this charming school (pictured), visit Islesford School.

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