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Itchy, hairy hogs at Gecko Gals? Must be another round of the You’ve been Sentenced! word game at work!

February 2, 2011

Sometimes the best compliments are those that are overheard or maybe heard second-hand. This morning, I found a completely unsolicited “review” for the You’ve been Sentenced! game from a blog post entitled, The Writing “Game”…

“Last week we enjoyed a visit from a long-time friend, and spent an afternoon playing a game she’d sent us for Yule.  The game’s called You’ve Been Sentenced! Each player gets 10 word cards, and must make a defensible sentence using only the words on the cards.  The box promises that hilarity will ensue, and it does not disappoint. 

“Both of my hairy hogs will have mistakenly itched because of grounding.”  Sentences like that definitely need defending; here’s the back story I offered:  Hogs, as everyone knows, like to roll in the dirt.  Unfortunately, my hogs were unable to distinguish clover from poison ivy, and thus made the mistake of rolling on the poison ivied ground, exuberantly enough that the irritant worked its way through their thick hair, making them itch.

So — from this we might get a story about magic hogs, whose powers were diminished by the itch, or one about the comic episodes in a hog farmer’s life.  Or, maybe something about assorted protective qualities of long or thick hair, or an article about how to distinguish poison ivy from other plants.  Memoirs might be inspired.  Other poisonous plants might be brought to mind, or other hog-like animals.  Something about rolling in clover for real?…”

To read this rest of this article, please visit Gecko Gals Ink.
Gecko Gals Ink are a group of spunky and sassy women whose writing – fiction and non-fiction – entertains and enlightens, transporting readers to worlds of mysterious mayhem, magick marvels, mariachi music, and maddening men. Keep an eye on them: they’re quick to change direction and lead the way to exciting adventures! Join discussions of all things relating to writing, read excerpts, and get the latest news on forthcoming new books!

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  1. February 3, 2011 4:42 am

    Thanks for reading our blog! Ashleen O’Gaea is the author of that post, and we look forward to sharing your game with other writer friends as well.

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