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You’ve been Sentenced! word game: The week in review(s)!

November 22, 2010

Hope’s Café

“The fun thing with these add-on decks is that while the meaning of the word on the card may be one thing, you can change it into something totally different. For example, in the gourmet cooking one card has American, Swiss, Provolone, etc. for different types of cheese. I was dealt this card, and used it for an American president…instead of American cheese! You’ve Been Sentenced was a barrel of fun before, but adding these other decks adds a whole new layer of fun to the game!”

To read this rest of Hope’s review, please visit Hope’s Cafe.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom

“Well I had no idea when I reviewed the game [You’ve been Sentenced!] that it comes with add on decks! That means not only can you play the original game but for even more fun you can collect the add-on decks for an entirely different gaming experience!

We really had a great time playing You’ve been sentenced! It’s fast paced so it kept the kids interested and it actually teaches them something which I love. Too many games are simply entertaining and I really appreciate it when companies combine entertainment with education especially when the kids don’t notice they’re actually learning.  You’ve been sentenced encourages kids to make sentences which encourages them to understand the words they’re using and the parts of speech they’re linking together. My son takes it as a personal challenge to make the most complex sentence he can and really enjoys beating me when it happens.”

To read this review in its entirety, please visit Confessions.

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