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Silly sentences. Serious learning! Using You’ve been Sentenced! in the classroom at Thurston Middle School.

October 24, 2010

Every time we hear from a customer, we get a renewed thrill that the little game we invented is having such a tremendous impact! We thought you might enjoy hearing some of the many comments we receive from teachers, students, and gamers, so here’s the first, from Trina Kohagen, a teacher at Thurston Middle School:


We played “You’ve Been Sentenced!” today and some of the students had sentences they wanted to share:

Tony the Tiger fried pork and mixed nachos in the restaurant kitchen.

— Margaret R.

After this one there was much discussion about what mixed nachos were.  The student was quick to defend her sentence by explaining that fried and mixed were the verbs.  Tony fried and mixed.  There were a lot of “oooohhhhhhssssss” that followed the explanation.  🙂

Peppered soft bread will be eaten after dinner.

–Melody M.

This one impressed me to no end. I don’t usually hear this kind of complexity in student work.

Two fat ladies like drive thrus and microwave sprinkled pork.

–Paige U.

This sentence initiated much discussion about verbs and was ultimately rejected:  Although students agreed that like and microwave could both be used as verbs, they didn’t believe that they “went together.”

This is a great game.  They are having SO MUCH FUN with it.  (Can you tell that the gourmet cuisine deck is a huge hit?  They learned the words maitre d, saute, and filet mignon today.)

Trina Kohagen, Thurston Middle School

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