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My Four Monkey’s calls the You’ve been Sentenced! word game an English and Vocab lesson disguised as fun!

March 22, 2010

Thanks to My Four Monkeys for the great review, below. Read the entire review at My Four Moneys.

Being a family that loves board games, we often look for games that mix-in a school lesson in with entertaining play. I was recently contacted to do a review for McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds. Their game, You’ve Been Sentenced!, has one several awards including 2006 iParenting Media Award, in the Greatest Products in 2006, Toys & Games category, Dr. Toy “Best Products Winner” 2007, Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award 2007, and even more! We received a HUGE game pack that included You’ve Been Sentenced, 5 Add-on Decks (Gourmet Cuisine, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Pop Culture, Readers Digest National Word Power Challenge, and Sports Highlights), a Wheel of Chore-ture, and the game Twisted Fish. We were excited to get started trying them out!

You’ve Been Sentenced! is a fun and often laughter causing game. Using a large deck of pentagon shaped cards, and geared for ages 8 and up, You’ve Been Sentenced! is an English and Vocabulary lesson in disguise.

This sentence-building game uses unique five-sided cards with multiple conjugations of a base word. With a hand of 10 cards, players try to score the most points per round by constructing the longest, grammatically correct, and sensible sentence. Any player can object to another players sentence, on either grammatical grounds, or the fact that the sentence just doesn’t make sense. The defending player and the objecting player get to argue their points to the rest of the players, who form a jury. Half the fun is trying to defend, explain, and justify a completely ridiculous sentence to the other players. First player to reach 200 points wins.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Caitlyn often struggles with grammar and this was a great way to motivate her to work on forming sentences. We really enjoyed all the add-on decks, but with a houseful of Star Trek and Star Wars fans, our favorite was the Sci-fi and Fantasy deck. We had a good time creating sentences regarding the Death Star and our favorite space villains and heroes. Caitlyn really enjoyed it, and it also opened the door for some vocabulary lessons when we would run across a word that she didn’t understand. I think the recommended ages are very appropriate and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone younger. I can’t wait to try it out with our friends! You can purchase the You’ve Been Sentenced! game for $24.95, and the add-on decks are priced at $7.95 (only $5.25 on Amazon).

The Twisted Fish game we received is the “old game of go fish just got a very challenging twist. It isn’t child’s play any more! Twisted Fish takes a traditional standby and casts it into the 21st century.” This game added some fun new cards that allow you to get by with things that are normally against the rules like taking a peek at another player’s hand, or even stealing a card from another player. They have also added a new points system that determines the winner… You can purchase Twisted Fish for only $12.25.

The Wheel of Chore-ture was a fun twist to the kiddos’ daily chores. We operate on a Daddy Dollar system (I’ll be posting more about that soon), so they were excited when I informed them that a turn of the Wheel of Chore-ture could result in extra Daddy Dollars. It includes normal chores like dusting, doing the laundry, washing the car, and more. The kids also liked a change in their regular chores. Getting a chance to do a chore that they didn’t usually do, resulted in increased motivation, albeit temporarily. 😀 The fun Wheel of Chore-ture is available for only $3!

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning games like You’ve been Sentenced!, Twisted Fish and more? Visit McNeill Designs for game rules, printable score sheets, or even order online!


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