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“Bewildering American caregiver Rachel Ray locked The Rolling Stones out with Zippy Zippers” … ummm, can you repeat that, please?

February 17, 2010

This  Single Mama has a sense of humor! Jacqui, the founder of Single Mama recently agreed to host a family game night and test out sme of McNeill Designs’ games. An excerpt from her review is below. To read the full review or to enter to win a prize ackage filled with fabulous family games, visit Jacqui at Single Mama. CONTEST ENDS 2-18.

“No! This is not a courtroom! I had the chance to review this fantastic game. And let me tell you, with five of us playing, we had SO much fun! And the sentences that we came up with was great! Later in the review I am going to give you some of the sentences that we came up with. And make sure to pay attention to them, because the mandatory entry is for you to agree with my sentence! lol.

“You’ve Been Sentenced” is a delightful card game that allows you to come up with sentences from the ten cards that you pick out of the case! I am going to give a shout out to the state of Delaware where the company who designed this is located! We are small but mighty! This game is for up to 8 players and ages 8+. I went to play it with my daughter, but we didn’t have enough players. So I will have another game night when she is with me so she can enjoy it as well.

Each player will get to pick 10 cards. On each of these cards are words and different variations to use. Each of these words have a certain point value attached to them. The bigger or less commonly used word of course would be worth more. It takes approximately 45 minutes to play this game. Or if you have a player like my friend Derek who won in three hands. THREE HANDS!! Come on! Yeah, he was the king of the game that night as my sister said! I have a feeling I am going to have to ban him playing with us in the future, lol!

Some of the sentences we had were:

“Jason unexpectedly banned acting because her oily peeler was blended.” What??? lol. As long as the sentences are grammatically correct, they don’t necessarily have to make sense!

Another sentence we had was “Bewildering American caregiver Rachel Ray locked The Rolling Stones out with Zippy Zippers!.” OMG, we were laughing so hard with the sentences we came up with.

Now my sentence that I felt was good, but no one else liked 😦 “The classroom realistically sent the actor Ophelia for bistro.” What is wrong with this sentence other than the fact that Bistro is a type of place, not type of food. But come on! That was a great sentence!

I also received Twisted Fish to review and I will say, the pictures were twisted! But so funny we couldn’t stop laughing at that too! It was great! From their website:

13 unique Fish characters in five different colors, plus 8 unique “Zingers” that allow you to break the rules, makes “Twisted Fish” a unique game experience. The real challenge takes place when asking for the fish cards you are collecting—Now you have to be specific about the type of fish and color you are seeking. “Twisted Fish” challenges you to remember every question asked at the table. It is challenging and fun right down to the very last card!

We promise you’ll fall hook, line, and sinker! Twisted Fish offers laugh-out-loud fun for the entire family.”

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