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My Organized Chaos says the You’ve been Sentenced! word game is “is very versatile and a ton of fun!”

February 3, 2010

Tammi started started My Organized Chaos to help fellow Moms. Whether it’s offering discounts on groceries or learning about great products, she loves to pass the word along on a great deal! Most recently, she did a post about McNeill Designs’ products (below). Tammi is also offering giveaways (what else?) so visit her at My Organized Chaos (sounds like my house, too!)

“You’ve been Sentenced! is a family game that has players making crazy sentences to not only gain points but also will leave you laughing hysterically and having fun. This game by McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds is intended for ages 8-88, and has won 9 national awards. It comes with 540 cards and over 2,500 words {each card is a pentagon with many words on it}, so there are billions of possible sentences. The words range from funny and odd to, famous names from throughout history, familiar places, and wild cards too. With such a great amount of words, up to 10 people can play at once, which is great for family use or for parties.

It takes some imagination and creativity to create a sentence for You’ve been Sentenced! which is both grammatically correct and makes some sort of sense. Plus, the other players have to play ‘jury ‘ and debate on whether your sentence is correct and makes sense – and this makes for funny conversations as well. There truly are some wacky sentences that result from this game. And though it is a family game, you can set your own rules and have specific topics for your sentences as well. You’ve been Sentenced! has so many possibilities, is very versatile and a ton of fun {especially after a bit of wine!} Though my daughter is too young to complete long sentences, I like to give her just a few to practice. This alone is great for teaching reading and early grammar. Plus, the younger kids seem to have the zaniest imaginations when it comes to sentences. Yep, we adults sure need to be silly sometimes, too!

To go along with the You’ve been Sentenced! game, there are add-on decks as well. These theme-specific cards make the original games’ sentences take on certain topics. I have to say, the Pop Culture deck is my favorite {I rock with that one!}, yet my husband likes the Sports Highlights deck the best {I, on the other hand, am not so well with this one}. Plus, there’s many more – certainly some to suit just about any one!

We also got another game from McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds – Twisted Fish. This game is a hilarious new-age spin on the classic ‘Go Fish’ game, 3-6 players can take part. The first thing you’ll notice {besides the little ducky that is included in the box} is the characters on the cards. This game was uniquely developed by toy and game veteran Martin Uniacke, and Hollywood special-effects artist Jody Fedele. They are so funny! And, unlike the question ‘do you have a clown fish?’, with Twisted Fish you need to pay attention to the card colors and type as well. The game also includes ‘Zinger cards’ which allow you to break the rules and keep the game exciting and fresh. Twisted Fish really is a fun spin on an old classic.

I have to mention that the website is extremely helpful with game rules, card descriptions and information. And, you can purchase You’ve been Sentenced! and Twisted Fish together and save!”

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning games like You’ve been Sentenced!, Twisted Fish and more? Visit McNeill Designs for game rules, printable score sheets, or even order online!


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