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English teachers praise the You’ve been Sentenced! word game at the NCTE Trade Show in Philadelphia

November 23, 2009

Well there is no question that the NCTE show is our best show every year! Teachers and students truly love You’ve been Sentenced! and no less than 50 times did teachers come up and absolutely praise the game up one side and down the other. Every time a teacher would come by to say thank you for creating the game other teachers would hear the compliments and purchase a copy.

Sales were less than last year as many teachers are struggling in this economy, too, but we still managed to sell enough to more than pay for the show and hand out 1,000 of pieces of literature on the games and Success Won’t Wait. The biggest sellers this year were the You’ve been Sentenced! Add-on-Decks, as every teacher that had bought the game in years past were now adding on to their sets!


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