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You’ve been Sentenced! word game makes Top Award-Winning “Brainiac” Game for Girls list

November 18, 2009

Many thanks to Elizabeth Donovan from Parenting Pink for including You’ve been Sentenced! as one of her Top Award-Winning “Brainiac” Board Games for Girls. An excerpt from her recent post appears below. If you’d like to read the entire post and see her complete list of games, visit Parenting in Pink.

Top Award-Winning “Braniac” Board Games for Girls

November 18, 2009 by Elizabeth Donovan, M. A.

“For many families, board games are a ‘thing of the past’, tossed by the wayside in exchange for Nintendo and Wii games. But playing an ‘old fashion’ board game with your daughter has proven to have additional benefits that electronic games do not: they promote family bonding and interaction; build brain power by requiring children to develop strategies and solutions; and provide lots of giggles and hours of fun. Somehow, within our high tech society, today’s children have lost the nostalgia of sitting together on a Friday night and trying to figure out ‘who done it’ in Clue or learning to manage money and collect rent in Monopoly.

The good news? Parenting Pink’s about to bring back brainpower and fun with the help of some award-winning board games!

I believe that one of the keys to having a strong, trusting, and healthy relationship with your daughter is through interactive play. Often, topics come up that your daughter is more willing to talk about if she’s engaged with you and parents are always pleasantly surprised at the things they learn about their children over a family game night. Encourage a love of family and learning with these educational, FUN, noggin-powering games for girls ages 4 and up. Better yet, add one of them to your holiday list this year and give the gift that keeps giving – family fun!

You’ve Been Sentenced!

Do you and your daughter love a little ‘court room drama?’ Then You’ve Been Sentenced! may be exactly what you are looking for! This witty, award winning game (Dr.Toy, Best Toy Award, among others) tests your ability to think quickly and analytically by creating humorous sentences you have to justify in order to gain points. The super cool pentagon shaped cards contain words, historical names, familiar places, and wild cards, that players have to make grammatically correct to justify their sentences. The game really gets exciting and silly when players have to read aloud their sentences and explain why they are grammatically correct. A jury is formed by the players and they then vote whether or not the sentence and justification are sound. There are 540 cards with over 2,500 words insure thousands of sentence combination for hours of non-repetitive, learning fun! You’ve Been Sentenced! is recommended for ages 8 and up, 30-40 min to play, and 3-10 players.

The Parenting Pink Scoop: Get ready to get downright silly while playing You’ve Been Sentenced! It’s a lot of fun and guarantees to get giggles every time. As a mom, I appreciate the educational value of this game in that it encourages children to create ‘grammatically’ correct sentences. It helps girls understand sentence structure and gives them a healthy dose of analytical reasoning as they have to ‘justify’ why they formed their sentence. The combination of grammar and analytic ability are certainly an asset to this FUN game! I also liked the fact that You’ve Been Sentenced! can grow with your child and give her new challenges and creative ways to play. Unlike many games, You’ve Been Sentenced! comes with “add-on decks” so your family can continue to play this game with new card combinations. Add-on decks like “Gourmet Cuisine, Sports Highlights, and Pop Culture” ensure that You’ve Been Sentenced! continues to provide new and fun ways to create game-playing memories!”

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning games like You’ve been Sentenced!Twisted Fish and more? Visit McNeill Designs for game rulesprintable score sheets, or even order online!



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