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McNeill Designs lends a hand at annual Success Won’t Wait book drive

October 13, 2009
McNeill Designs' CEO Don McNeill and members of Team 365 load up the first van for transport to the Success Won't Wait warehouse.

McNeill Designs' CEO Don McNeill and members of Team 365 load up the first van for transport to the Success Won't Wait warehouse.

As many of you may know, back in 2005, McNeill Designs formed a charitable partnership with the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait.

Since then, McNeill Designs has donated a portion of sales of the language game You’ve Been Sentenced! to the group. The mission? To encourage reading — particularly by children — by providing free books to organizations and programs nationwide. Because You’ve been Sentenced! is inherently an educational game (as well as lots of fun), we wanted to partner with an well established organization that focused on reading and literacy as our beneficiary.

The books begin to pile up as the teams arrive.

The books begin to pile up as the teams arrive.

But McNeill Designs’ commitment to the organization goes much further In addition to financial support, McNeill Designs principles frequently volunteer time and manpower to various Success Won’t Wait events. Saturday was just one of those events! October 10 was Duel on the Delaware and Miracle of Education Book Drive. Five years ago, John Laroc of First State Robotics (a part of the FIRST organization) invited Success Won’t Wait to become a part of this annual event as a community service element to the establish robotics competition.

A trailer? Seriously?

A trailer? Seriously?

For anyone not familiar with FIRST, this is a truly amazing organization. Founded by Dean Kamen (inventor of the infamous Segway) this nationwide non-profit teaches kids about robotics, engineering, teamwork and competition. Led by adult volunteers and engineers, local teams are comprised of high school students who design, construct and ultimately compete with large scale, working robots. These kids are nothing short of astounding!

Our part of the competition is the annual book drive. Each competition hosts between 15 – 30 teams (in this case all from the East Coast). Throughout the year, the teams collect used books from family, friends, churches, schools and more. They bring these on competition day to be weighed (they are budding engineers, after all!) and counted. The friendly rivalry sometimes gets a little tense as the numbers are tallied and a 1st runner up and a winner are announced and trophies are presented. The winner receives, in addition to bragging rights for the year, a refund on their team’s entry to the competition. This year, through the drive, Success Won’t Wait collected almost 5,000 lbs. of books!

These teams really work so hard and we want to give them a huge thank you for their efforts! This year, the finalists were:

WINNER: Team 423

1ST RUNNER UP: Team Chuck 84

A big thank you, too to the other teams who competed and collected thousands more lbs. of beautiful books for our literacy projects: Team 375, Team 1647 ,Team 365 – MOE, Team 1712, Team 433 and Team 357.

To learn more about the FIRST organization, please visit

To learn more about Success Won’t Wait, visit

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning, educational games like You’ve been Sentenced!Twisted Fish and more? Visit McNeill Designs for game rulesprintable score sheets, or even order online!


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