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Who needs their name in lights? At McNeill Designs we want ours in Charm City cake!

October 9, 2009
Don McNeill arrives at Charm City Cakes with a case of games for the staff.

Don McNeill arrives at Charm City Cakes with a case of games for the staff.

On Wednesday we had a completely surreal experience. We took a short drive down to Baltimore to talk to the folks at Charm City Cakes about a cake for the 5th anniversary party for the launch of You’ve been Sentenced! (5/5/05). If the name Charm City Cakes doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know the staff better as the cast of Food Network’s hilarious reality show Ace of Cakes. Led by the infamous Chef Duff, this is one crazy group of cake decorators! My family regularly watches their antics, as well as their creation of some of the most amazing cakes imaginable!

So when we were greeted at the door by none other than Mary Alice, we were floored to say the least. In the back of my mind, I kind of thought we’d be shuffled to the side to meet with some random intern. Apparently, that’s not how they do things at Charm City Cakes! We sat smack dab in the middle of the bakery amidst the fantastic prop cakes we see each week on TV… like I said, it was surreal.

Don and Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes

Don and Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes

The meeting itself is hard to describe. Mary Alice was so enthusiastic about the You’ve been Sentenced! game that I was a little shocked. I mean honestly, these people created a Super Bowl cake, a cake for the premiere of Harry Potter and a cake for the USO! But, Charm City Cakes is full of surprises. According to Mary Alice, the staff is addicted to word games, especially Scrabble on the iPhone, so a new game was super exciting to her.

By the end of the meeting, we had talked about everything from jewelry to our last family vacation to Charm City Cake’s new book and I felt like we’d made a real friend. And the cake itself? Beyond delicious!


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