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McNeill Designs launches the You’ve been Sentenced! word game

June 8, 2009

old - YBS_box_glassespropDelaware-based game development firm McNeill Designs recently announced the launch of its new parlor game “You’ve Been Sentenced!” The unique card game utilizes pentagon shaped cards containing conjugations of words which players use to make oftentimes outlandish sentences.

“When we applied for the patent, we found that most of the top game companies had attempted some type of sentence game, all unsuccessfully. This is the first sentence game that really works,” explains game inventor Donald McNeill. “The secret is that each card contains five words. With a 540 card deck, the sentence possibilities are unless. And, very funny.”

The game also encourages the use of a Judge and Jury to vote on sentence grammar and sensibility. “Forcing players to justify their thinking and explain outrageous sentences makes for some seriously hilarious moments,” says President Martin Uniake.

Additional “You’ve Been Sentenced!” versions are already in development. These include foreign language translations, educational versions for school-aged children, a teen lingo version, specialty booster packs, and more.

Want to learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning games like You’ve been Sentenced!Twisted Fish and more? Visit McNeill Designs for game rulesprintable score sheets, or even order online!

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